ABC Project

The Abusive Behavioural Change (ABC) Project is a six-month programme for men or women who recognise that they are abusive to a partner or ex-partner and wish to change their behaviour. This programme is available to those in both opposite-sex and same-sex relationships.

ABC Project is a Respect Accredited SMP (Safe Minimum Practice) voluntary perpetrator programme that covers the county of Derbyshire It is for:

  • Men who use intimate partner violence (IPV),  with their female (ex) partners – Group sessions (28 weeks)
  • Women who use intimate partner violence with their male (ex) partners – 1:1 sessions (24 weeks)
  • Perpetrators of IPV in same sex relationships – 1:1 Sessions. (24 weeks)

The aim of our work is to:

  • Increase the safety women and children.
  • Manage and assess risk
  • Hold perpetrators accountable for their abuse and help them gain an insight into the patterns of control, to build alternatives and avoid recidivism.
  • Address the abusive and controlling behaviours by using control logs, completing course work, challenging their thoughts and belief systems and taking part in role plays.

You can self-refer or a professional from another agency can refer on your behalf.

If you would like further information, then please call Di Conneely, Project Coordinator on 07771 379278/01245 540464 or email:

Please see below an agency referral form, self referral form and an ABC information sheet.

ABC Agency Referral Form

ABC information sheet

ABC Self Referral Form (2)