Domestic Homicide Reviews (DHR)

These workshops are for any organisation that may have had contact with a victim, perpetrator or their families and need to understand what DHR’s are, why we have to do them and what the procedure is for their completion.

The workshop is for staff and 1st line supervisors who may be involved in the process of a DHR, we can accommodate up to 30 people at a time.

Workshop contents

  • Introduction to DHR
  • Definition
  • Purpose
  • Ethos
  • Key roles
  • Record keeping
  • Lessons learned
  • Overview of process, report writing and action plan

DHR Workshop outcomes

  • Understand what a domestic homicide review (DHR) is and when one takes place
  • Be able to state what the procedures are and who may be involved
  • Have an overview of what you will need to do if your agency has worked with the victim, perpetrator or the family- Chronologies/Individual Management Reviews.

Be clear about the timescales involved in a DHR