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Donate to us through Paypal or My Donate

Donations make a huge difference to The Elm Foundation and the services we can provide to those experiencing Domestic Abuse. With your help we can secure and enhance the services we are able to offer. If you want to find out how you can help please contact us via email using our contact form or ring 01246 540464.

Give With Your Company

We can help you to set up a Payroll Giving Scheme so that your staff can donate directly from their salary before tax. Payroll Giving enables a basic rate tax payer to tax relief of £2 on every £10 donated, meaning that a £10 donation only actually costs them £8.
Please click the button below to contact us about the Payroll Giving Scheme.

Company Sponsorship

By sponsoring a project, your business will get the opportunity to promote your brand to key audiences and gain positive PR and press exposure at a local level. Launch events for the activity you are sponsoring will also give you the opportunity to network and promote your business to key clients and our network of supporters.
Sponsoring a project means that your company will have a greater level of involvement in work to support all those affected by Domestic Abuse, and can be involved in the shaping of the project, enabling your business to have a clear and measurable impact on our work.

By partnering with The Elm Foundation, your company can be...


Your company will be recognised as a socially responsible business that supports an issue that affects its employees, customers, and the community in which it operates. With 1 in 4 women and 1 in 6 men experiencing Domestic Abuse in their lifetime, it is likely that a large proportion of your staff and/or customers will have been directly affected by the issue or know someone who has.


Your company can set itself apart from your competitors by supporting an issue that the corporate sector has traditionally shied away from, but is now being recognised as something that has affected a great many people and thus receives a very positive response.

A Leader

Your company will be viewed as a leader in supporting an innovative charity that works to tackle a very real and prevalent social problem.

This partnership will also benefit your company through...


Increased brand recognition: We can develop appropriate and attention-grabbing cause-related marketing options, and provide opportunities for your brand to be recognised alongside our award-winning campaigning work.


Protecting employees: The Elm Foundation an help you to develop and implement a strategy to provide support and help for employees affected by Domestic Abuse.


Positive PR: Supporting The Elm Foundation will help to project a positive company image to staff, clients, suppliers and other stakeholders, and will increase potential for favourable publicity.


We can provide Domestic Abuse awareness training for your staff and team.