ABC Project

ABC Project

Abusive Behavioural Change for perpetrators of domestic violence

We run a countywide voluntary perpetrator programme that assists perpetrators to stop their abusive behaviour towards their partners or ex-partners.

The group sessions are held for heterosexual men who are abusive to their female partners/ex-partners. Men will be required to attend group sessions for two hours, once a week, for approximately six months (30 weeks) with further maintenance sessions over a six-month period. The group is facilitated by Respect trained professionals and delivers a structured programme. Modules include: Introduction to DV; Gender, Power & Finding Equality; Emotional and Psychological Abuse; Accountability – Choices, Costs & Benefits; Developing Respectful Relationships; Sexual Abuse to Sexual Respect; Child Focussed Parenting; Children living with Domestic Abuse; Economic Control to Financial Fairness. Clients are encouraged to take part in role plays, complete control logs and course work in their own time. Failure to complete coursework will mean clients will not be signed off as completing the course.

The ABC Project have expanded their services to work with women who use violence and abuse (WUVA) and abusers from the LGBT community. This will be on a 1:1 basis, also over a 6 month period and include the modules above.

We accept perpetrators aged over 18, who are using violent and abusive behaviour to their partners/ex-partners and who have some recognition of their abusive behaviour and willingness to change it. Abusers will not be allowed to attend the programme if they are not accountable for their actions, blame their partners or minimise the abuse they inflict on their victims. Perpetrators who are currently being investigated or waiting to appear before the courts for a domestic violence or serious violent offence will not be accepted onto the course until proceedings have been dealt with.

There is a dedicated partner/ex-partner safety worker that will support victims and families of abusers attending the programme.  This support will include risk assessments and safety planning and will last for six months after the client has completed the programme or disengaged from the programme.

For more information, or to make a referral for yourself or a client, please call 01246 540464 and ask for Di Conneely. Alternatively, you can email