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  • The Elm Foundation offers a safe, non-judgemental place which will always be there for people who need it most.

    We know that Domestic Abuse does not discriminate, so neither do we. Are services are available to anyone that has been affected by Domestic Abuse.

    We offer a range of services to help and support men, women and children who are affected by Domestic Abuse. Our aim is to increase safety and reduce risk to promote independent living. Everyone has the right to live their life free from fear, violence and abuse.

  • Sometimes it is difficult to know what is happening and you can feel confused and unsure about whether you are in an abusive relationship and the options available to you. You may feel frightened, humiliated and isolated.

    The discussions you have with us will be confidential unless we think that you or someone else is at risk of harm. If this is the case we will explain our reasons for sharing information and keep you informed at all times. We will sometimes suggest other people or agencies that may be able to help you and seek permission from you to share some information with them.

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